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My husband David was born and raised in Tyler, Texas.  He and his family have a long history of community involvement and have long been business owners in East Texas. I have lived and worked in this area for over 30 years. I am and have been an avid newspaper reader and have read the obituaries to keep informed about the passing of his parent’s friends, past school buddies and others in the community that he grew up with or that we may have done business with.

Like me, you may also have been frustrated to hear of a funeral you might have attended had you known about it or learned of the passing of an old friend but not known where to go to find the obituary if it was not listed in the paper. Or you might have not known which funeral home website you needed to go to in order to post a tribute.  Thus, was born.

We at The Obituary Section believe that everyone deserves an obituary upon their death.  It is important to recognize and honor their lives, for timely notification of services and to provide future generations a written record of the occasion.  However, the newspaper industry is experiencing many changes.  Local papers are disappearing or going to weekly issues only, making timely obituary notices difficult. In many markets the cost of an obituary places it out of reach for many families. Personal remembrances, community involvement and details of a life well lived are often not included in order to keep the tribute brief.  As customs change, more families are choosing cremation and many of these families do not get an obituary. is a centralized location for obituaries.  We will post the obituaries and death notices the funeral homes have provided, in a timely and respectful manner. will continue to add participating funeral homes as we strive to be Your Online Source for Local Obituaries. This service is provided at no cost to the funeral home.

If you have comments or suggestions, please contact us thru the "Contact Us" page.  

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Carla and David 

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